Friday, October 29, 2010


Ok..  Where do I even start?  The service person just left our apartment… so internet is up and running.. she explained to us (through the interpreter over the phone) that we could experience problems though.. it (like everything else that should be simple) was a WILD ride.. hence the serviceman doesn't speak English…  and our computer is in English!   Proves for FUN TIMES all around.. and me with a HUGE lump in my throat (about to burst into tears) at the prospect of actually being able to communicate with my girls…   have I mentioned yet that it's been 7 days since we left them??     And we've yet to SKYPE.. I think I've done REALLY well with being patient… 

We miss them SO SO SO much!

This has been an adventure..   I don't even really know where to start in an update…

We arrived in Pavlodar @ 8:25 am on Saturday..  we then had Sat. and Sun. to relax, sleep and get adjusted…  Monday morning @ about 11 am.. we went to the lawyers office (Svetlana is her name.)   We had been told that we would then go to the MOE (ministry of education) office.  Svetlana talked with us about our paperwork and discussed various ?'s we would be asked at the MOE office.   She was/is VERY kind and easy to talk to … she made us both feel SO much better.    She informed us that she was VERY sorry, but last Friday (while we were traveling) she found out the the lady at the MOE office that we need to see had an emergency and was in another town until Wed.   We would not be able to meet with her until Wed…   We left her office… and came back to apartment.  (Phil threw- up after coming back.. that's how NERVOUS he was!)     We spent the rest of Monday and Tues. exploring and figuring things our here.   Wed. at noon we received a call that they would pick us up to go to Svetlana's office @ 1 pm..  We dressed up again and headed to her office.  We picked her up and headed to the MOE office.  The office was/is very small.   NOTHING like we expected or dreamed up in our minds for years.  Ha ha..  (btw, nothing has been as we imagined!) 

The lady said she had looked over our info. For MONTHS.. since she's had it on her desk so long.. (I wanted to say…  NO JOKE!).. but, we smiled and she proceeded to say we were a very lucky couple.. and that we had a nice life.. and a very nice family.   We said thank you.. and she then turned to pictures of the girls in the files she had and started looking at the girls.  She asked LOTS of ?'s about the girls..  and was so complimentary of them.   I admitted how much I missed them and we both thanked her so much for being so complimentary of them… and of course Daddy LOVES to brag about his girls!   Our lawyer then told the woman (jokingly) that Phil wanted a "sure deal" for a son.. so we'd decided to adopt!  Everyone LAUGHED.. and I quickly added that we realized how many children there are without homes/families.. and we felt we could provide a loving home/family to a child who otherwise might not have one.   She smiled and was very kind.   That was the only ?'s she asked us.. even Svetlana and the translator (Lena) were saying after how surprised they were that we weren't asked more ?'s.. we all laughed and they said our girls are our such an asset!   WE AGREED!  (Did I mention how much we miss them already?!  J)

She then told us about 4 different boys who were/are available at Kiecheary (sp).  Kiecheary is a village/orphanage about 1 hour and 10 min. away from Pavlodar.  (Trumans and Pampells.. we immediately thought of you and your sweet babies! J )    3 of the children were above the age we are approved for.. but, they asked us to see those children as well.   We agreed to visited Kiecheary to meet these children.    They said there is a man who has to sign off on our paper (the permission to visit orphanage).   If this man signs it by the end of the day on Wed.. we'll leave for orph. The next morning at 8:30.. if not.. we'll leave around 1.. or go to Kiecheary on Friday.   Paper was signed around noon on Thursday and we left for Kiecheary @ 1:30 pm.   The drive to the orphanage was interesting.  We'd been warned by Truman's of the BUMPY drive, but had NO idea what we were in for.   It was the roughest road I've ever seen..   it was AMAZING!   We saw LOTS of countryside (which I really wanted to see) and a village…   Life is def. different there even than here in the city (Pavlodar).     When arriving at the orphanage we went into the director's office.  He as a nice man (LOTS younger than we expected).   We waited on Svetlana, the lady from the local MOE office, and the orphanage Dr.  They all joined us and they also looked at our pics of the girls and our family.   Cody, Rylan, and Tristan… you were a HIT as well..  they said that it looks like our new 'boy' has some cousins 'waiting' for fun play times!! J 

We agreed…  about made me cry…  you know how much I love my nephews! J

(but, keep in mind that almost anything at that point made me cry… WE WERE AT AN ORPHANGE IN KAZ ABOUT TO MEET KIDS!!!!!!)

We were honest with the staff of our nervousness.. and they were all SO SO SO kind.   They shared DETAILS from 2 boys files.   One was older (age 6), and one age 4 ½.    We visited with the 6 year old for about 2 min.  He was sick and in the Dr.'s room.. so we met him there.    We then went outside to meet the 4 ½ year old.  His groupa was outside at playtime.   As we walked out the doors of the orphanage.. the kids all stopped playing and started pointing and smiling… some even started saying.. Mama, Papa and pointing at us.    (Oh.. I forgot to tell you that the Dr. told us that the 4 ½ year old told her that morning that he just KNEW the next Mama and Papa that came to see them… would be his new family!... YEAH… jerk your heart RIGHT OUT!) 

The translator (Lena) said that the kids know that when she comes…  she brings Mamas and Papas to get kids… and they will ask her.. "Lena, when you bring my Mama and Papa?  When Lena when? "   She said it's awful.. and so sad.  The kids were so excited to show off for us.. they were SO SO SO small.   They looked about 2-3 years old..  (they were 4 and 5).. they quickly pointed out N (the little boy we were meeting)… he quickly RAN to us and threw his arms around my knees… he was a doll.   He had a little girl who is his best buddy… she along with about 5 other kids.. came for hugs too!  It was so so so precious and heartbreaking… these kids were just BEGGING to be loved… choking back tears.. I just moved to the end of a green slide and asked if that was ok.. I motioned for the kids to slide… as they came down the slide.. I hugged EVERYONE who wanted a hug… J    I wish I could have stayed there hugging and loving those kids for days….  N was right in the hugging line.. he was STARVED for attention.   I asked if we could see him without his hat and all bundled up.. they said sure.  We went back inside and waited until they came in.. we then got to go to their room upstairs.   The rooms were so small and old, but VERY clean.  They were in one large room where they were washing hands and then playing… they quickly started showing off for us again…  LOTS more hugs from all them…   N was right in the middle of it all.  He is VERY active.   The lawyer then informed us that we needed to go… so we start telling all the kids Paka.. and are turning to leave….  One little girl comes FLYING across the room to Phil… He bends down to hug her and she KISSES him on the cheek and hangs on SO tightly!   Tears… tears… tears…

Dear Lord…  we wish we could take everyone of those babies home.   There was also a little boy who gave me extra hugs as well…  HEARTBREAKING!

We then headed outside to bump back to Pavlodar.  It was beginning to get dark at this point.   Phil and I sat in the back seat of the van and just stared out the window…  We quietly discussed things regarding the boys we'd met and N in particular and neither felt he was our son.  Saying No is by far the hardest thing we've ever done….  We know he could be medical care in the states and change his life forever.  He was so sweet… but, we didn't feel a connection.. not the connection that we knew we'd feel when meeting our son.  We told Svetlana how we were feeling on the drive back..  She was/is VERY supportive and continues to encourage us to be patient and that selecting the child is BY FAR the toughest part.   She says to not 'settle' and to be patient.. and that we will find "our son"…  She said she would go back to MOE lady first thing Friday morn (thur. night for OK folks)… and we'd receive a phone call around 1 pm on Friday..  telling us more info.

We received phone call.. and they are still looking for available children/child here at babyhouse in Pavlodar for us to meet.     They said to not go out.. and stay by phone in apartment, because we could go to babyhouse quickly.    It's 3:40 in the afternoon.. and we're still waiting.  

We called the translator and had her to have a pizza delivered.   She misunderstood our order and ordered pizza with white sauce (mayo type stuff)…  for those who know Phil.. you'll understand his disappointment… however, he's so hungry he ate some of it.. LOL!  

The internet got fixed around noon… so this has proven to be a nice distraction for me..   However, it's hard not to think that it's Friday here… and the weekend is looming ahead…. And that there's a chance we won't be able to go to babyhouse until next week….  L  oh my…   we've been here a week.. and still not met our son.   We are staying upbeat and positive… but, it's hard to not be disappointed.   We had hoped that we'd experienced all the delays already.. but, 'knew' it wasn't true.      We do know that God has a plan… and we know that we now have N and an entire group of kids who we will be covering in prayers forever.  

OH… and if we feel differently and change our mind.. we can always start the bonding process with N at any point…  

Yesterday morning while reading early.. as the sun was coming up… I read Psalms 10:17.. I know now it was the Lord preparing me for yesterday's events.. and reminding me that he does hear the cry of those children… he hears their hearts..

"You hear, O Lord, the desire of the afflicted; you encourage them, and you listen to their cry, defending the fatherless and the oppressed…" 

Thanks Lord for reminding me….  PLEASE keep praying for us.  Check back… I'll be posting LOTS know that we are online in the apartment.  

Paka for now from Kazakhstan ~


I am going to go ahead to email this to the blog… and then I will send some pics later.. J   so check back…

Oh.. and if you feel so inclined.. PLEASE comment… we are thriving on the comments and responses from all of you! J    All our love… Phil and Lanetta J

 oh.. and someone PLEASE comment and tell me if the color of this font it better... :)  thanks so so much!


Dean and Janie said...

Hello Lanetta! Your post is the first thing I do before getting ready for work in the mornings. So glad to hear things are moving along so nicely with the Kaz administration.
Your font is good. Praying for you today that God will show you your child and that the bonding process may begin.
Praying for your girls at home. Maybe Lilliana should call them and have a chat :) She knows how they feel, you know. Maybe even skype them. Would that be possible?
It seems as though God has been using your journey to show teach so many of us about patience and His faithfulness. Quite honestly, had your adoption gone through in 6-9 months or even a year, thing how many of us would not have met you, joined in your journey, or be hearing of the children there now. Sometimes reading your progress is like reading about a story of trials and suffering and God's faithfulness in the Bible or a missionary log. He may have a much bigger plan/use for you at this moment than many of us will ever know.
God bless you and Phil, Lanetta and may your day today and the days to come be filled with peace and joy.
We love you both,

Andrea said...

Gobbles! What a touch few days you have had. I cannot imagine how hard it must have been to say no to those children, especially N, but follow your heart. You will find your child. Be patient and persistent. I have known so many people who were unsure if they would meet their child after all, but they did.

I am so happy for you that you are in Kazakhstan. Sorry about the mayo on the pizza. It wasn't a misunderstanding... that's pizza in Kaz for ya!

I will follow your blog like a hawk this weekend! Praying for you. It's your turn. xoxo Andrea & Anelya in NH

Friends and Family said...

Lanetta & Phil,

I am so moved this morning by your blog and reading the events of the last week. Trust eyes are now puffy as I cried as I read your blog and could hear your hearts through your words. We are covering All of you in prayers daily at the Chorette house. We love you and trust that the Lord is doing some amazing things in your lives. Hold strength comes from the Lord. He has brought you this far and he will continue to guide you every step of the way. We love you all and are so blessed to call you our friends, part of our family! Praying for God to cover you today and wrap his loving arms around you. You truly are changing the and there.
We love you!

Lori Printy said...

Dear sweet mama & papa,

He has already chosen your patient...listen will hear Him soon.

Love and prayers from the other side of the world.

Kari J said...

I can read this beautifully, so its good.
Lanetta, you and Phil are in my prayers as you have been for so long now! I will say special prayers over the next several days and add you to our church prayer list as well. Blessings to you both. Be comforted that God has placed you in that region and your son will be revealed to you soon(hopefully today).
Warm hugs to you both!

Susan said...

I am so glad to hear you are safe and sound, and I am also even happier in my heart knowing how faith filled you are. This process has been agonzing, but never once did you lose the faith, and you have amassed so many admirers and prayer warriors. I know you will find your son, and I love how everyone who meets you in Kaz sees what an ambassador to Christ you are and how special you are. Your blessed child is waiting, and I know you will find him, cuz your heart is open .

Thinking and praying for you! and no more mayo pizza

Friends and Family said...

So happy you have internet! The girls will be thrilled. I hope you got the pics I sent in email from Tuesday, they were so excited to pose for you and Phil. It was a good and sill afternoon. Can't wait to hear more from Kaz....

minime0910 said...

Lanetta ~ I believe the universe unfolds perfectly as it should. As difficult as it must have been to decline those children, you did exactly the right thing, you trusted your heart, and acknowledged what was felt. I hope and pray and know that your child will be revealed to you soon. God Bless, Erin

aultfamily said...

Lanetta & Phil,

My heart aches for you. God is in control of this situation. Your son (or daughter?!!!!!) has already been selected for you. I pray your visit to the other orphanage will be fruitful. Do not lose faith. We will continue to pray for you all.

I understand about the children left behind. Meeting all those children have changed your life forever. They will be kids that you think of often and pray for continually.

Big hugs!

The Stone's said...

As I read your post I am so emotional as I remember what you are going through so well. That first weekend in Kaz just waiting to meet a child is soooo long. Our weekends here fly by and weekends over there are like time standing still. Believe me, I know without a doubt, that saying No is THE HARDEST thing you can do. But once you meet your son, it will all make sense. Don't think of it as you are saying No, just think of it as, that's not my kid and I still need to find him.

If you walk down past the river embankment, there is an excellent Russian restaurant (that has English menus). You could take your time and kill a couple hours there this weekend!

Thinking of you so so much! Email or Skype me if you have any questions that I can help with!!


PS - Did Svetlana find the bag I left for you yet???

Jill (& Bob) said...

Praying that Monday will bring you and your son together at last!!!!

Kim said...

Oh Lanetta, what a beautiful post! You have me crying in my cereal over here. Those precious children are in such need!

I am so glad you have a great relationship with Svetlana and you aren't feeling rushed or pressured. I will continue to pray that the Lord reveals the son He has already chosen soon!

Before he (or she) was in the womb, God knew.....

Kim said...

Sooo glad to hear from you. Sorry it is a hard decision time for you but don't lose heart. The Lord WILL reveal your son to you! I told you Svetlana is wonderful! Sounds like they are all willing to work with you so that is a definite bonus! Still praying that today is THE day! Much love to you both!

Our Ukrainian Journey said...

Hello you two! Yeah, for some reason they are big on mayo over there....when we were in Ukraine that's all they had! haha!! I can't wait until you finally meet your son! Trust me, you WILL know the second you lay your eyes on's such a wonderful feeling!!! So glad that you have internet now so we can follow along.
Sending you lots of prayers and patience!
God Bless!

Jennifer M said...

This is such a wonderful post Lanetta! One of the things that I love and respct about you the most is that even times of hardship, you are so filled with grace, dignity, and positivity. You are such a bright and shining light!

I continue to keep you in my prayers. Of course I wish there was more I could do. :-) I'm sorry this is taking so long.

Much love and a big, tight hug to you.

Becki Stone said...

Lanetta & Phil,
I'm sending my prayers and love your way. I know too well how delays feel! Hang in there and have faith. If you need anything let me know!!

kitzkazventure said...

Wow, what an adventure so far...everyone's journey is so different but yet so in God's hands. It always amazes me to see His sovreignty over it all. Praying that He will guide you and comfort you as you wait and as you go out on Monday. Excited for you all!

Friends and Family said...

Thanks for sharing your experience of your first week in Kaz. I felt like I was right there with you! You have a great attitude and are great at taking it all in stride.

Baby Kaz Moore said...

Hugs to you from Austin, Texas. Your words hit my heart and brought back so many memories of my trips to Kaz. As difficult as it is, I admire you for your faith and strength knowing that He is leading you to your child. You're walking His journey. All my best, Susan

Jstar said...

Oh, what a tough week for you! I know that everybody experiences adoption and bringing a new child into the family differently (however they come), but for us we never "knew" that a kid was ours, including our birth kids, the moment we met them. It's always taken days and weeks, but maybe we're just slow to warm up :) Anyway, just wanted to say hang in there and don't sweat it if there isn't a hurricane-force love the moment you meet your son, whereever he is, sometimes God speaks in the quiet.

Kim said...

I agree with Jstar's comment so much. I'm so glad you aren't being pressured to choose "N" but I know we were not feeling an instant connection with our daughter either for the first few visits. Of course you know now how very bonded we are with her and how much we love her. It just isn't all magical and fairy tale like when adopting a child. So be open and listen for His still, small voice. I know you are doing that but I just wanted to encourage you that it does take some time with a child to bond. Make the best of your weekend and stay away from that nasty mayo stuff! They even put it on hamburgers in Uralsk!

dnd82001 said...

Dear Lanetta & Phil,

I am certain that your son is just waiting to meet you both and you will know him when you lay eyes on always your faith is going to get you through the difficult times as no one has more faith than you both.

Rest and enjoy your free time because before long you will be home and this will all be cherished memories!!


4texans said...

So glad to see you are finally on your journey. It is so tough to be halfway around the world separated from your children while waiting to meet a child who will become a part of your family. This part was so tough for me. Saying no is tough but you have to consider your whole family. It seems like you have an open mind, that is great. Good luck, I will be thinking of your family!

Jessica and Chris said...

Hey!! Ok, first thing I want to say is don't forget about plugging in at the same time as the internet is on. It ALWAYS gave us trouble. Not sure why but keep that in mind b/c internet is frustrating and it is the one thing I know you look forward to everyday! I know we did :)

We are sending lots of love and prayers your way. It is really hard and trust me I (not as much Chris) was so scared meeting A and A. I didn't feel a quick connection and almost felt less of a connection after meeting them. We love you and know that you will make the right decisions :) Your son is there and you are close to him even if it doesn't feel that way right now.
Lots of Love to our Hokies,

Friends and Family said...

Hey Gobbles! What an amazing journey you are on!! I am in such awe as I read your updates. Girlfriend, I feel your heart as I read your words and my heart breaks with you. I might not completely understand as I have not walked in your shoes, but know that I love you both SOOOO much and I'm praying for you and your girls daily. Hang in there....He didn't bring you this far to fail you now. Your son is waiting for you.....and you'll find him soon.

Friends and Family said...

praying, loving, praying, holding you close, praying for all your children- close and so far away- and for you and your hubby- for that peace that passes all understanding- that you feel His loving arms around you, holding you up, directing your paths, focusing your eyes to see what He wants you to!!
What a great time to do a Povlodor scrap book- goofy pics with Mom and Dad :)

Cant wait to hear updates!!

Loving on you all from Ohio!!


Vonda Kaye said...

I'm praying and counting on God to bless you with peace and confirmation. God is in the details! All He asks you to do is remain faithful, and you are.

lisa said...

Hi Guys...I am so sorry I have been distracted with my little toot! You are not alone. when I actually met Stella I just wasn't took me a whole day to decide that I wanted to start the process with her...mostly because of comments I got. I also had to say no to so many to find her. go with your heart but think with your head. I know you will find the right one. Many hugs to you! Lisa and Stella

Sydney said...

This is so exciting to read about your adventure. Your pics remind me soooo much of our Russian adoption. Our daughter was from Volgograd and it had WWII war memorials everywhere. Your apartment looks nice and Russia had brown water too.

I just wanted to share that when we meet our daughter we were just too nervous and overwhelmed to feel any connection. It took about three days and then we were like...we would do anything for this child. I think everything can just make that first meeting so overwhelming.

I pray that you got to the baby home today and meet your son. Please know that you are being prayed for and that this part is the toughest part. (at least it was for us with our Russian adoption) God is with you and is giving you wisdom and guidance. He will make His way clear in time.

Blessing to you as you continue on your amazing journey.

And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name, welcomes me!” Matt 18:5

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