Monday, October 25, 2010

Test post

ok... so I can't access blogger here in Kaz... so I am emailing my posts to the blog.
I should have set this up and practiced back in the states... but, ya know..   :(
Quick update.. we are doing fine..    Internet is our apartment is not working.. they are supposed to fix it today (it's 9 am here).. and then we'll have better internet access...  
We are ready to have better access so we can blog with our girls... MISS THEM!
Keep checking back.. I will post LOTS more soon.. :)   

Have a great day!

Lanetta Gobble  

The one who calls you is faithful, and HE will do it!"  1 Thes.  5:24


dnd82001 said...

Good morning or actaully good night to you both!

Your test came through but is very difficult to read since your blog background is dark the black print is not showing very clear - don't worry though we will all read it to get those updates but thought I'd mention to you so you know!

Prayers are flowing your way!


George and Debbie said...

Great to see that you were able to overcome the Blog problems. Megaline gave us a fit too. Skype did however work very well. we well pray that you will get that up and running so you can see your girls and family back home. we continually pray for you ALL.

Karen and Glenn said...

Suffered through tech problems ourselves when we traveled for Max -- on top of everything else, it's a stresser you do NOT need! Hoping it is up and running in the apartment soon! Thinking of you tons!!!

Jessica and Chris said...

Praying lots for you guys! Of course we are dying to have your internet working as well :) ! Not as much as you I know but still hoping it works soon!!
Love ya Hokies!

Amy, Jeff, LM, & Ashton said...

So very glad that all is well and you are fine!! looking forward to hearing who you met and all about him :)

Jill (& Bob) said...

Hope all goes well today! Hope the internet is finally sorted out for you today, too!

Jstar said...

Glad that you got blog posting working from afar - Skype worked great for us as well as we talked to the boys back in the U.S. and Skype voice even worked over dial up in our Kaz apartment. Hoping for similar successes for you.

Friends and Family said...

Glad you are posting what you can...can't wait to hear seems to be so not fun when we need and want it the most...prayers with you guys and the girls.


Our Ukrainian Journey said...

Glad that you two are doing good! I hope that you get your internet up and running, I know how stressful it can be, being halfway around the world and no contact with family! Can't wait to hear some more news!!!! Prayer for you all!!!

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