Sunday, October 31, 2010


Here are more pictures of our exploring, with descriptions under each photo:

WWII Memorial in a park really close to our apartment.

Another shot at the WWII Memorial Park.

Eternal Fire Monument in Park

Eternal Fire Monument in Park

Another shot of park area

Another shot of park area 

Pavlodar is  very well known throughout Kazakhstan for this "Embankment" area.

Another shot of the embankment.  It's really an amazing area.


Jessica and Chris said...

Love, Love, Love all your pictures! I was getting a little sad looking at all of them. Wishing we were there. I know I told my self I would never say that but it is really true. Cherish each day. I think your grocery store picture is funny! That will get much easier as I'm sure it already has. Oh yeah, did I ever tell you that I lost 20 lbs and Chris lost 25? Not as many stairs as you have up to your apartment but all the walking around is great exercise! I can't wait to read tomorrow. It is afternoon here so you guys are sleeping. You will be meeting your son soon. :)
Yummy pastries! That was the best part of the grocery store for us. All the food was so fresh and the baked goodies were so yummy. We don't have anything like that by us. I know some people do here at home but we definitely don't.
Can't wait to see more!! Love you guys!

Friends and Family said...

Lanetta, thanks for fighting the computer and internet and blog website just got get stuff posted for us. I'm checking about 5 times a day to see if anything is new. My church small group is praying for you guys, and for your girls back home. They may be Husker fans, but you've got Nebraska covering you in prayer! You guys are in a part of the world that I'll never get to visit, but thanks for taking us with you! Will be praying for you for your Monday visit.
Kathy (Constien) Boshart

Jstar said...

Way to explore! You are going to have so many wonderful photos and memories to share with your son of his birthcountry :)

Friends and Family said...

Lanetta & Phil,

We have been praying over your family and keeping the boys updated on your journies. What a wonderful testimony your story is to share with our boys and our family and friends. We are checking daily to see what's new with all of you. The pictures are great. The boys both hope (so do we) that you will get to go to the babyhouse SOON. Keep your chin up. Holding you close and covering you in prayers.

Robert, Cherilyn, Nicholas, & Zachariah

And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name, welcomes me!” Matt 18:5

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