Sunday, October 31, 2010


Well... It's Sunday evening here in Pavlodar.. We are supposed to go to the babyhouse tomorrow (Monday)... Nov. 1st! We are excited... but, hate to get to excited... what if something else happens and we don't get to go.. We've stayed busy the past 3 days... and the days have gone by VERY quickly.. We've explored a little more each day.. (with me DRAGGING Phil out.. ;)) but, things are getting more and more comfortable for him! I spent about 3 hours uploading pics to the blog last night (via email posts) only to find out today that it didn't work... however, I've now had some good friends.. (THANKS GUYS!) tell me about Hot Spot Shield... and I can now access the blog! Why didn't anyone tell me about this days ago?? :)
Anyway... I'm going post some pics and get caught up with posting.. then I will post once a day.. (Hopefully!)...
oh.. and If you are reading... PLEASE comment.. and oh.. if you are logging in under the generic family and friends log in... PLEASE sign your name so we know who is commenting.. :)

well... It appears that I can't upload pics... can anyone help me with this?


Friends and Family said...

I've been reading the blog and enjoying it. Praying for you too. I should have told you that things don't work (customer service, government, etc.) in the rest of the world doesn't work like it does here... so don't be surprised that things take longer- like getting internet. I have tried to comment but I don't think it sent either time. This screen looks different so maybe it will go through.

Friends and Family said...

I think that one worked! Cindy May

Friends and Family said...

I can't sleep!!! I just got up to see what time it is there. It's Monday morning for you so I'm praying hard you'll meet your son today!!! I've loved listening to my girls pray for you and your girls. I'm glad God matched us up so we could be a part of your journey!!1

Friends and Family said...

I've been checking for an update. Hope none means you are having lots of positive things keeping you busy--- not bad internet kinds of things. Here is something for you to look for in the grocery store. Small (3 or 4 inch) foil/plastic wrapped in refrigerator dairy section. They are kohuka (sp?), Sweet cream cheese kind of thing with chocolate coating. Some have berry type filling.
Take care, Praying for you all,

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