Sunday, October 31, 2010

More Pictures

Hey everyone!  I have lots of pictures to share.  Now that we have internet I'm going to upload some and try to get into a routine of posting that days pics each evening.  However, to do that I really want to get caught up on my posts up to this point!  So, here are some pictures of our apartment; lots of you have been asking for pictures of it!  Here they are.  We're told our apartment is very "luxurious" by Kazakhstan (Pavoldar) standards.  It's very nice and comfy. We are enjoying it a lot!

 (Descriptions are under each picture.)

Picture of our first grocery store visit.  They took us to the store after picking us up at the airport.  We'd been traveling for almost 40 hours and we were in SHOCK!  We had NO idea what to buy...LOL! As you can see, we didn't get much.  We laugh now at our first grocery store trip.  We did get the essentials:  COKE and WATER!

Living Room

Living Room

Living Room

Bathroom and washing machine!




Tub (Yes, it would be a nice relaxing bath, except that the water is sometimes NOT clear. Need I say more!  Reminder:  We're in Kazakhstan, not America!



Kim said...

Wow hope you realize how luxurious your apartment is compared to some places in Kaz! So bright and cheery too with the sunlight streaming through. We would have dreamed for an apt like that in Uralsk! Enjoy! Your first groceries look similar to ours. Except we had Coke light. I love it!

Pampell said...

Oh memories! That's the tub Julia and Nicholas decided to wash with toilet water and the mop (their first of many brother/sister escapades) and the toilet Julia flushed a pinecone down after FREAKING out that we could flush the toilet paper down it! (most Pavlodar toilets you can't flush the paper down) Also, the first time Julia watched the clothes going around in the washer she was as excited as Disneyworld! Did you find the grocery store in the building across the street? It's a little bigger than the one in your building and wonderful when you need something quickly that the closet store doesn't carry. I bet the apt is nice in the winter--it was way hot in summer b/c of all those windows, but our living room had one of about 5 a/c's in the city so we couldn't complain too much.

LOL about the invite! Thanks for resending it--I was using the generic one so I logged out trying to sign in as myself (with a different email address) so I could comment. sigh...not thinking on that one!

Love the pics, so excited for you guys! Sending up prayers! :)

Stephanie and Gary said...

These are the NICEST Kaz apartment photos I have ever seen. Thinking of you Lanetta! xoxoxo

Jstar said...

What a great apartment! You guys are so blessed (in so many ways)

4texans said...

Wow, nice apartment!

Friends and Family said...

The groceries remind me so much of what we would get when I was in Romania :) Coke was a must and bananas for them was a luxury item considered quite expensive... The apartment is very nice! The trick with the water in Rom was that it was either all HOT or all COLD! lol...
Thinking of you as always,
Lisa B

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