Monday, October 6, 2008

Much excitement for fellower blogger friends....

Hello to everyone tonight... I am so excited to send out a HUGE Congrats to Bob and Jill in TX tonight.... if you don't follow their blog you should.. LOL...
There address is:
There blog is private, so you'll have to e-mail for an invite.
Bob and Jill followed the promptings of their heart and began a concurrent adoption domestically while also pursuing their Kazakhstan adoption. It has just been days since making the domestic decision, and today they brought home a baby girl.. Sarah... We are so thrilled for them and I ask all of my faithful blogger followers ;-) to remember Bob, Jill, and baby Sarah in your prayers... they have some legal hurdles to jump, but with God all things are possible!! They are enjoying a new precious bundle tonight and we couldn't be happier for them!
We are so happy for you guys!!!

Adoption News for us:
AWAA was on the list of approved agencies.... Honestly, we were never worried that they wouldn't be.... so this is just one more hurdle and timeline we've seen completed. We continue to hang onto God and know that, "The one who calls us is Faithful, and HE will do it!"


Jill (& Bob) said...

Thanks Lanetta. We couldn't be happier! We definitely are blessed!

Lori said...

Glad to know that even if you weren't worried, your agency is officially on the list. That never hurts... :)

BTW--knowing the slacker that I tend to (accidentally) be, did I ever send you recipes? Do you still care??? :)

Jessica and Chris said...

hey girl! i hope you have all those recipes done! i know that was sooo time consuming!
love ya girl!

And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name, welcomes me!” Matt 18:5

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