Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cookbook and Craft Fair Booth

The following is a portion of an adoption update (e-mail) I sent out tonight:

Hello to all family and friends tonight.....

I hope and pray everyone is doing well... I know we sure are glad it's almost Friday!!!
This e-mail serves many purposes... the first is to update all of you on our adoption.

Adoption News: Our agency was on the list of "approved" agencies that was sent out by the NY consulate a few days ago... the next step is that officials with the country of Kazakhstan are going to check out all the in country staff of the agencies to make sure they are doing things correctly and following procedures that have been set up.. after those in country staff are checked out.... the consulate should at that point begin to start accepting dossiers again... We are in line with AWAA when that process starts back up... so we are waiting.... Fellow PAP's (prospective Adoptive parents) like to say that we are waiting to start the "real" wait... the wait for the call!!! so, if this isn't' real waiting... well, I dread the other.. LOL!
We continue to hold onto our God, who called us to this journey and know that "those he calls, he equips!" We know that his timing will in the end be perfect.... Perfect for our children...(in Kazakhstan and the girls), perfect in relation to our jobs and taking off work and just perfect for his ultimate plan for our lives! This brings me to the next point....

We are using this time to continue to fund-raise... God has blessed us with around $17,000 so far.... and if we do adopt 2 children the total cost could be as much as $58,000, so we would still need around $40,000. I really like to focus on the fact that God has provided the $17,000 and not the remaining balance... but, you know what??? God provided that and he'll provide the rest and we know his word WILL not return void!!!!

The cookbook is almost to the publisher... let me just say that I had NO IDEA what a time consuming task this would be... It has and is turning out to be a great looking cookbook.... I am hoping to get the texts completely finished and ready to drop in the mail to the publisher on Saturday.... but, I also have to figure out how many cookbooks to order... We ended up having an overwhelming amount of recipes submitted and I didn't even use all that were given..... Thank You so much if you gave recipes!!! We appreciate all your love and support so much!!! The cookbook will have around 240 recipes in it... lots of YUMMY sounding foods and desserts.. I am more than pleased and know that anyone who purchases one will enjoy it so much. The cost will be $12.00 for one, $20.00 for 2, $30.00 for 3, etc. (so if you purchase 2 or more you get a discount!)
I was just thinking tonight that if all our family and friends who get this update would buy or sell 5 each for us... we'd make an EXCELLENT profit. The problem is that I need to know ahead of time.. if we reorder, the books are more expensive, thus cutting into our profit. If you are willing to help us sell the cookbooks or would like to preorder one, please try to let me know within the next 24 hours. I plan to use the response to know how many to order. Keep in mind that the books will be here in around 30-35 days... so just in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas.... what a get Christmas idea and also helping to support God's children at the same time. Please consider helping us out...

The next thing I wanted to share about is Nov 7-9. We have purchased a craft booth in the Stillwater Annual Craft Show. If you have anything you would like to donate to help us fill our booth for the show, we'd appreciate it so much. We are going to make country signs, hair bows, homemade goodies, jewelry, etc.. I've had a couple of people tell me they could donate some homemade birdhouses, and various other items. Please also pray for that weekend and that not only can we make good money, but also that God will allow us to use our story to minister to others. It's always amazing when we publicly fund-raise how blessed people are when they hear our story. It's so much fun to share how God is still moving and working today.. and that if you are obedient to him... he will supply all your needs.
Please pray that God will fill our mouths and that we will be true examples of Christ!

Thanks to everyone for reading these long e-mails... I try to keep them short, cause I know that time is so valuable.... but, when it comes to my Jesus and my babies... I could go on for hours!!!
Please continue to keep the child/children in your prayers... I know that they are in the safest, best, place... and that is my savior's nail scared hand...

Looking forward to hearing from all of you soon...

Blessings and Prayers Always,

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