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March 9th, 2010 - Gotcha Day - Nauryz Party - PART 1

WOW! The day was incredible!     We are still in shock I think... but, none the less thrilled and excited! 
I think sharing about 50 (ha ha) pictures will tell the story of our day much better than I can write about it... :) 
Here's the day.... (it was a LONG LONG LONG day for us!!!) 

It started out with the staff picking us up at 8:30.   We were able to dig Svetlana's special gift out of the donation suitcases and give it to her. I made her a frame with pictures of all the families that I know that she has helped find their children. She was THRILLED and blown away by the gift! She sends her warmest regards and best wishes to all those families!

Here we are taking all the luggage (donations) into the babyhouse.  As you can see it took LOTS of help!  :) 

There was a special program @ 9:30 that focused on a couple of adorable twin girls!  :)  They were SO thrilled when we walked in...  :)   Here are some pictures of the program.  Yes, that's Faith in the cream dress... grinning at us from ear to ear... AWE!!
That's Grace with her fingers in her mouth.   She was VERY excited to sing and do the motions! 
That's Grace in the caregivers lap.  :)
We took pastries and goodies for the children.  We were able to give them out to the children after the program.   Phil had the camera and was supposed to take pictures of me handing the treats out..however, he took a video of it.   SO, we don't have pics of the kids eating their treats... but we have a video!  :)
The other children went back to their rooms and we took these pictures with the twins!
The lady in the midde below is the music director.   She was so kind to us for the entire MONTHS we've been coming to the babyhouse!   She got teary eyed as we were talking after the production and told us that the special (solo) that Faith and Grace sang was a song she wrote just for them to sing today for us!  Awe.. precious!  :)
After the show was over the caregivers and staff wanted us to give them the clothing we brought for the girls to leave in... and they wanted to dress them in them.  I was a little sad about this, but agreed.   I have LOTS of times to dress them in the I just let it go.. :(    We then went to the offices to unpack and donate the things we had brought.    Here we are unpacking the donations.
The above picture was when we were completly finished.   We literally filled the entire room up with clothing and toys.  The staff was in SHOCK!   Word quickly spread throught the babyhouse and staff would appear at the door to look at all the stuff.   It was amazing.   The director and staff were in shock and said that they've NEVER had anyone donate so much stuff.  They were so thrilled and excited.   We smiled and said that we just wanted to bless this babyhouse and the children who weren't going home today.    They were very kind and appreciative.     If you donated items... thank you so so so so so very much!  
We were then able to go to a couple of different rooms and hand out trucks and babydolls.   I have to say this was my FAVORITE part.    These kids are precious and BEGGING for attention and love.   I don't think I have to say anything else... you can see it in the pictues.

As you can see in the above pictures.  The Nauryz party was a SUCCESS!  I do wish that we could have brought more food and actually seen them eating more of it.. but, we were able to give them the treats we brought after the celebration, and we left more with the director for the entire babyhouse.  

This is part 1 of our day... I will post more soon... We are doing good.    My goal is to try to get caught up on the blog this weekend.  We are in Almaty until Monday night late.   However, there are 2 precious bundles who are sleeping in this room right now that might have different plans for this tired Mama... and if they do...  oh well!  ;)    
I think I'm still in shock that they are WITH us forever!   I will write more about all that soon.. I have to get some sleep.. the nights are SHORT these days!  ha ha!  :) 
Paka for now... PLEASE keep praying for these sweet babies!  
... and I promise the next post is the break-out pictures and some we've taken since they've been with us!   Check back soon!!


Friends and Family said...

Awesome Awesome Awesome AWESOME!!! That is so amazing that you were able to bless those babies and those caregivers with everything you brought. I was very impressed with how the kids were dressed. Very cool. I'm glad you could get some pictures of the girls, and some of their heritage. What an amazing day.
Kathy B

Trudi said...

Oh Lanetta and Phil....what a beautiful post. Thr donations were incredible! A whole room!!!! I am so happy that your twin daughters are with you now...what a burden lifted! At the same time my heart aches for all the babies without homes.

I cannot wait for your stories about life with the twins!!! I hope they will humor us all and allow you to post!

Big hugs to all 4 of you...and to the big sisters at home!

Friends and Family said...

I have no words. Simply amazing. So overwhelmed with joy and relieved that you FINALLY have your wonderful daughters with you. Lots of love, hugs, and prayers from the the Jones family!


Jill (& Bob) said...

Beautiful post from a fabulous family! Love the piles of donations - such an amazing blessing you took to all those children! Cant wait to see the breakout pictures!

Friends and Family said...

:-D happy happy!! joy joy!! :-D
So very excited for you all!!

With love,

Friends and Family said...

love & continued prayers
Christy, Keith, & Cody

Friends and Family said...
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Friends and Family said...

Lanetta and Phil,
Lanetta and Phil,
What an amazing experience for you and what a wonderful thing you have done for these children and the babyhouse! I am so glad to share in your joy. I am in awe of how you have honoured the babyhouse!

Patty Veert

Friends and Family said...

So happy for you!!!! God Bless! Enjoy every minute!

Lisa Dunbar

Kelly and Sne said...


Tamara's Mommy said...

Dear Lanetta and Phil,
I Absolutely LOVE that you brought them such a generous donation. We adopted from The Republic of Georgia in 08 and managed to bring my daughter baby house a truck load of diapers, baby supplies and such. Even with a larger donation I found the children we left behind found a very important spot in my heart that haunts me to do even more. I'm sure our daughters will find comfort in knowing their adoption brought so many other children a better standard of living even if for just a short period of time.
I'm really happy for you. As far as I can tell you've done everything perfectly. ;o)

And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name, welcomes me!” Matt 18:5

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