Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March 8th! We saw them today!

(It's now Wed. morning.. I was not able to post this last night due to internet/computer problems.. but, trying again this morning at the hotel!)     I wrote all this yesterday:

We made it to Pavlodar last night... and had an appointment with Svetlana today @ 11am. Translator (Symbat) told us it was to get the paperwork and discuss the party, but I had this nervous feeling that I just couldn't shake.. LOL!! It's amazing the emotions and feelings we feel just being here in this country and in this apartment!

We attempted to sleep (attempted being the key) and then went to Krendal's for some breakfast before meeting with Svetlana @ 11 am. Breakfast was GREAT and we both commented and laughed that we'd missed Krendal's.. and some of our favorites here! (NEVER thought we'd say or think that! lol) We then met with Svetlana. We had a GREAT visit and it was incredible seeing her again. We really missed her and honestly were so glad to see her again. Everyone hugged and tried not to bawl!

We made BIG plans for the Nauryz party for tomorrow. It's going to be an incredible celebration. Bagdat and Svetlana have been discussing things and ideas and we are excited to experience it tomorrow. Svetlana gave us all the paperwork and adoption decrees etc. for the girls and we discussed the things we have to complete in Almaty. It is truly amazing having all this in our hands. A true testament of God's favor and GRACE! Wow!! Honestly, it all still seems so SO unreal!

We then asked about visiting the twins today and Svetlana arranged for us to go and visit them @ 4pm this afternoon.

Svetlana was so excited to hear about tomorrow being my birthday and insisted that she and I go and get our hair styled at her Salon!

Symbat went home... Phil went back to the apartment and Svetlana and I had a girls afternoon! It was a lot of fun... lots of laughs.. trying to communicate and just a fun time! I can now say I had my hair styled in Kazakhstan... I mean seriously, who else can say that? lol!!

A Svetlanas stylist was busy so I drew (ha ha) the young girl... She decided after shampooing my hair that I had plenty of natural curl and she went with that! :) I was hoping of a calmer look... with some curls like Svetlana's.. but, when you can't really communicate.. you get what you get!! She spent a lot of time on it... and WOW it's big! Phil hesitated when opening the apartment door.. lol!

Here are some pictures of our salon visit:

Here I am with my stylist!  :)  

Svetlana with her stylist!
Fun times at the salon in Kazakhstan!  :) 
So... we waited then for what felt like YEARS and finally 4 pm rolled around!   We were VERY excited...   
The caregivers really messed up our arrival.  (as you will see in the video below) they made the girls wait and wait and wait.    The caregivers also said that the girls 'knew' we were coming tonight.  We asked how and they said they had NO idea, but Grace said we were coming tonight.   :)  Isn't that interesting!     The caregivers said they have asked and talked about us daily!  awe... melt my heart! :) 
Here's the reunion video:

(Can't get it to load.. I am emailing it to my friend Starr.   Keep checking back here.. she will upload it soon! )  :)  Thanks Starr!

As you can see in the video they were VERY excited.. but, seemed in shock honestly.  (and my HUGE hair scared them.. lol!)  We then went into the back playroom to play.     They were in shock... it has been 46 days since we last visited them.  That's a LONG time when you are 3 1/2 years old.    They were happy and seemed to relax as the hour and a half progressed, but they both really had their guards up.  This breaks our hearts completly into...  it was just so obvious that they were thinking it wasn't for real and we were leaving them again.  Faith BAWLED and SOBBED when we left.   Grace acted like she really didn't care we were leaving.    It was heartbreaking.  We told them both that this was the last time we'd leave them, but it would be hard to believe given the things they've been through. 
Now.. don't get me wrong, I have NO doubt that we'll regain EVERY single step we made in bonding and skills in RECORD time.    We have no doubt that tomorrow will be the beginning of a wonderful life... and we are focusing on that.   You just can't help but be a little sadden that they've had to endure this one last bit of sadness... bless their little hearts!     
Tomorrow at this time we will be FLYING out of here WITH THEM!     Oh what a SWEET day it will be!  
Here are some pictues from today.   Symbat didn't take many.. and we were more interested in playing and hugging and kissing than pictures... SORRY!  ;)
But, we got a couple decent ones:

Grace snuggling in... I had to show her again, but she snuggled right in and just looked at me like wondering if I was really there... :(   YES!!!! Starting tomorrow for the rest of your life!  :)
This one is funny cause Papa ended up in the background.  We ended up right in front of Symbat and she snapped this one! 
I have to admit though that my heart is breaking into for the other babies here... you see I know that Faith and Grace are going to be OK.. I KNOW this!  They are going home with us tomorrow to a home and family of love and JESUS!     I only have a few hours left to give these other babies some love... so, I asked Symbat if she'd ask the caregivers if we could play with the entire group for the last 30 minutes or so.   The caregivers didn't mind.. I asked about taking pics so F and G would have some of their group and rooms.   They agreed... so I got to sit in the floor and HUG babies for 30 minutes.  TRULY an answer to my prayers.    The twins were jealous and I dealt with that the best I could.. but, kept telling myself that after tomorrow they will have me for the REST of their lives!  :)      These kids are BEGGING for love!   
Here are some pictures I wanted to share:  

That's Grace in the red shorts and Faith in the green shirt!  :)   Faith elbowed the little girl on my lap kissing me at one point and said, "NYET - - -- - -- - - - Mama!"    LOL!  Poor baby.. tomorrow starts the rest of our lives and YES it's for FOREVER!
Giving my Faith a little attention.   She was jealous.   Grace didn't show her jealously as much...
It's Wed. am here and I'm finishing this post up..   I have so much to say, but fear I will lose my computer (it's overheating BADLY) and then shuts down... and internet is off and on.. urg!
Internet will be fine in Almaty and hopefully I'll find the time to post frequently..  however, loving on two babies is my main goal!  :) 

Today is the beginnging of the rest of our lives together and the day I've waited and prayed and trusted God for for years!   Oh glorious day...
and it makes me cry thinking that my Jesus loved me enough to give it to me on my birthday.   I felt like that is just a little extra something from my Jesus.. my best friend!   A pat on the back and a hug of HUGE portions...  :)    Makes my heart swell and isn't it just like HIM to make us feel so very special!  
Wow... what an amazingly awesome and personal God we serve! 

Staff is picking us up in an hour and a half.. (8:30 am) to have the party and get the girls!!! WAHOO!!
Our flight back to Almaty is at 11:10pm tonight..
I will post pics from today asap...
PLEASE keep praying for us and the girls.. and the party today....  Pray God pours out his sweet spirit on that babyhouse and staff....    I can't wait to feel his pressence in there!   


Trudi said...

Oh it is such a beautiful story, Lanetta..I am all choked up. It is going to be amazing when the girls realize everything....it gives me chills to think of it!

And I like your hair, btw. It looks cute on you!!!!

Have a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful day. This has been so long in coming.

Big hugs and lots of prayers.

Kim said...

In tears. Joyful tears. Your hair ha ha, Svetlana is an angel isn't she? I like your curly look! Pretty!
Those precious orphans! In tears again! Praying you are partying your hearts out right now and that the Lord shows Himself in a big way through it all!
Faith & Grace are so blessed and so are you all! Love to you all!

Kari J said...

Happy Birthday! Have a glorious day busting out the girls. And don't worry about us. You just love on those girls and we will be happy for news when you have time.

Jill (& Bob) said...

I must say, your "big hair" just looks like Texas hair :)

Both of us were tearful reading this. Tears of joy for the beginning of the rest of your lives together forever! Prayers for the party, for the girls and the shock of the real world and really having mama and papa forever and for the rest of your travels! Happy Birthday! What a glorious busting out day and a birthday gift to never be outdone!

Kelly and Sne said...

How wonderful! I am so happy for you all! Happy birthday!

Friends and Family said...

Wow, that's a lot of volume in your hair!! Lol, looks good on you, I doubt if anything will ever wipe that grin off your face now! Happy happy birthday! What a way to start a new year!!! Love you guys so much!!!

dnd82001 said...

Yes what a birthday this is and how wonderful you get to share so much love with all the wonderful kids!!

Oh what a great day!!


Friends and Family said...

Starting my day here with tears of joy for you! Happy birthday, my friend!

Friends and Family said...

This post is beyond words. A beautiful birthday gift indeed. I am beside myself - this day is finally here! Those girls are YOURS! And seeing the photos of the beautiful children left behind - I can hardly take it. Oh this world is so confusing.
Thank you for doing so much for the children there, for loving everyone so forgivingly (is that a word??!) through the process and for your Faith and Grace!


Jennifer Robinson

Friends and Family said...

Happy Birthday Lanetta!! I can't wait to hear about the party and the girls getting to come home with you guys. I can't imagine what that first plane trip will be like for them. Just noticed the time there and you all should be flying now. Love, Terry L

Friends and Family said...

I told Keith you posted on the blog . . . told him he would have to check out your hair. :-) Counting the days . . . and continue praying. I almost just can't function . . . focus, focus. I love you all and can't wait to see everyone . . . luv, luv, luv, luv

Susan said...

what an amazing birthday. God's timing is perfect isn't it?
I love your big Texas hair.

and, the pics of you kissing the other kids brought me back to the mission trip. Bless their hearts, and what a wonderful gift you gave them all!

I know Faith and Grace are gonna thrive quickly..wait until they see their amazing bedroom!
God bless Lanetta!

Friends and Family said...

Brings tears to my eyes...as I am typing this you are on your way to Almaty with the girls, praise God...what an amazing BD present...can't wait to read mroe details about having the girls with you...praying for a safe and easy time in Almaty and safe trip back to OK.

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