Monday, March 14, 2011

March 14th - Update! WE ARE COMING HOME!!!!

Last night the girls didn't sleep as well.  They woke up at 2:30 and were up until almost 5 am.     We then attempted an earlier nap due to such little sleep last night and the girls had a very hard time ever going to sleep.      They were then sleeping SO well and we had to wake them to get to the Consulate Appointment.   (isn't that about right?)    They were happy to wake up and are such sweet babies!  BIG smiles.. and give us lots of love.. like.. wow, you're still here!  :) 
(While I was attempting to get them to sleep.. Grace puts both hands on my cheeks and kisses me on the mouth and says very sweetly... "I love you!"   awe.. precious!)

We headed to consulate appointment.   I just had this dread that something would not be correct....  I know everyone has said the appointment is a breeze, but other things have been a breeze for others and NOT for us.. ;)    I was bracing myself for a delay.. yet, HOPING so much that things were all ok! 
The lady at window #3 was so kind.   She processed  all our info... took the last of our money.  ;)  and said that we are good to go.. at this point I just looked at her!   SERIOUSLY?!?  We have the girls.. we are wrestling with them while signing the papers... we are really out of here.. for real?!  I started crying!   Phil just smiles at me...  the girls are tired of waiting!   wow!!!    Amazing!  I have to say for Phil and I that this appointment today was much more emotional and exciting than court even..  Wow... we are REALLY coming home!!!
Here is a picture of the building that consulte is in.... 
... and here we are in front of the building!  The consulate is on the 16th floor! 

Penny and her driver then picked us up and we headed up into the mountains to look around!   The mountains here are absolulty beautiful!   We had a wonderful time exploring and seeing the mountains!  It was a great outing and a wonderful way to end our journey here!  :) 
We are forever thankful for Penny and Richard!  (Richard had to go to Astana on business today... so we didn't get a picture with him!) 
Here are some of our pictures:

The outdoor ice skating rink..  it's absolutly beautiful!
I have no idea why Grace would think to grab a snowball and throw it at Papa!   ;)  hee hee!   However, the snowball veered off and hit the red brick wall.  Papa didn't even know we were trying to hit him!  :)
The snow was melting and running off everything.  I showed the girls that they could touch the water dripping.   They were so excited!   They were in shock that it was ok to touch it!
FUN TIMES!!!    ... and yes, they got a little wet.. but, you know what?  They dried! :)
Aren't they precious?   I don't know how it's even possible, but I love them more and more every single day!  :)   My heart is bursting!  :)

Here the girls and I are with Penny!   She is truly a wonderful woman!  We will forever be in contact with them!  :)  Thank you Jesus for leading us to them!  :)   Faith and Grace just LOVE her and are going to wonder where in the world she is!  She's been such a vital part of our lives these last 5 days!  We miss her already! 
An attempt at a family picture in the mountains!  :)   The girls REALLY wanted to run around... NOT take pictures!
I love this one!  :)
... and how perfect that I end this post with that picture!   We are headed out of here soon! 

We leave here for the airport @ 2am!   (in 4 short hours!)...

For anyone who lives local and has asked... we will arrive in OKC airport on Tuesday, March 15th @ 7:34 PM.    If you want to be there... you are welcome!
I received info. from a friend that a local news channel will be there filming.... and that they are covering our story on the news that night.... WOWZIERS!!!! 
Please... pray for Faith and Grace and that they are not completly overwhelmed.    We don't want to miss an opportunity to speak positivily about adoption and the Lord... but, also want to ensure that F and G are ok!

I know all of you are...but, please pray for our travels! :)      I have us pretty much packed up... Phil and the girls are asleep.  

I am seriously in shock that we are heading home WITH THEM soon!  wow!!!!!! 
God is so so so very FAITHFUL! 

ok... one more thing.. this will most likely be the last post I make before we are home forever!!!    SO STINKING EXCITING!!!

So.. I want to share about this.
I know that so many people have followed our journey of Faith and Grace to Faith and Grace! :)  We are so so so thankful for everything that anyone has done... from donations to help to prayers!  We are forever changed and moved by this entire process....   

Please know that we want all of you to meet F and G... we really do!    However, after the grand airport celebration we plan to keep things VERY low key for about 4 weeks.    We are asking that we have very little to no company... please know that this is only for the best interest of our family and the twins.   We need some time to adjust and bond and Phil and I both feel this is VERY necessary.   We have several Dr's appointments already scheduled and things going on... so we will be out and about some.. but, we really feel we need to keep things as simple as we possibly can for at least a few weeks.    Please understand and know that there will be a time when you can love on them too!

Speaking of that... I've been told that there is a HUGE celebration planned in April 10th from 1-3 @ the Perkins community Building in the new Territorial Plaza!   Just an FYI.. Faith and Grace will be there!  :)   Please come and meet them that day... we'd love to have YOU help us celebrate them being home forever!!!     I will share more details about this as I know them!  :) 

We will be home in a few hours... I hope I don't pass out at the airport!   I can not even imaigne the awesome presence of God that is going to fill that airport!  OKC watch out...   ;)    

ok. I could go on and on.. but, I will stop here and try to get a couple hours rest!  I bet I will need it, huh?!  ;) 
I will post from Germany and Chicago if I can... but, you just never know if that will be possible!
Pray for good seats, peaceful sleep  and wonderful flights!  

I will post as soon as I can when we get home!  
Love and prayers... and THANK YOU for loving our little family!  
Paka from Kazakhstan for the last time... (this trip!)  ;)  


Trudi said...

I wondered if it would be possible to be moved to tears again by your journey, but this post does it once again.
I have to sit quietly and absorb its power. I am so happy for you and your beautiful family and hope that once you are home you'll keep giving updates on how your family is adjusting to everything. We've become so attached and yes, at some point I will come visit my niece who lives in OK and will make it a point to see you in person and give you a big hug for all you have been through. You are an inspiration. Have a safe trip home and see you whenever you can post!

Jennifer said...

Love, love, love!!! Safe travels my friend. I will be thinking of you and praying for all of you over the next day and a half.

aultfamily said...

God is so amazing! He has shown Himself over and over and over throughout this entire process. Thank you Lanetta & Phil for sharing this beautiful journey will us all. Can't you just feel the love that continues to pour out to you and all four girls?!

Big hugs and prayers!

Friends and Family said...

We will be waiting at the airport.
I can't wait to wrap my arms around my new grandaughters!!!!!!! Jesus we Praise you and give You all the glory. Love you all bunches, Nana

Friends and Family said...

WOW!! I continue to be amazed at the work of the LORD! Thanks so much for sharing your journey with so many...we are ALL forever touched! Tracy Hill

Friends and Family said...

I will be forever grateful for the day I met you! Thanks for letting me be apart of this amazing adoption! I'll be praying for a smooth transition for all of you!
Sending all my love and prayers to all of the Gobble's!!!!!

Lisa Dunbar

Kelly and Sne said...

Isn't it wonderful to experience the relative expediency of the US government after dealing with Kaz bureacracy for so long??? During our appt there was a new employee who was observing and just outright gushing at Irina and all the new adoptees. It was a nice feeling. So happy that you had a wonderful outing. Those girls are already blossoming in your care! Best of luck for a smooth trip home and a smooth transition. Please don't forget to post more about the trip and transition - and we want more photos!!!!

Friends and Family said...

The girls could not look more beautiful! They look very much "at home" How amazing. Great idea to limit guests. We did the same thing and did not let people other than us hold her or hug her for many months. It seems so strange but it really is important for bonding and it totally payed off. She is so well adjusted and loving and affectionate with her extended family and friends now b/c they gave her space and time to adjust. God bless you guys as you head home! So exciting.
-Kari Letterneau

Angie said...

Lanetta, I'm so excited that you guys are finally ALL coming home. The next time we are in Oklahoma, I really want to make it over to see you guys. I keep telling people about my friend who's adopting from Kaz, and then I have to explain, "But I've never really met her." :)
I know what you mean too about the orphanage behaviors that are so hard to see your kids do. They really do start to fade quickly, but the last remnants seem to hold on much longer. For example, Angelica rocked herself to go to sleep for only a few months after we got home, but still over 2 years later if she 1/2 wakes during the night, she instinctively starts to rock herself. When she's awake, her mind has accepted that she doesn't need to, but in that state between awake and asleep, she still feels a need for it. Sad to realize that she rocked herself to sleep every night for so long! And the food issues...don't get me started! :) Both our girls still struggle! But they are still taking steps in the direction of healing, and the same will be true for Faith and Grace. Sometimes giant leaps and sometimes baby steps, but God will get them there!

I'm so excited for the next step of your journey, the part where you have all your girls together! Blessings!

4texans said...

I'm so excited for you. And I'm so glad you are telling everyone that you are going to be low key for awhile. It will be best for the girls so they learn that you are their one and only Mama/Papa. The bonding is lots of work and it's best if they are not hugged and such from other people. I know it's so hard for all your friends and family to not gush all over them but it is best they hold back and ask your permission from you.

Friends and Family said...

I thought about coming to the airport but I think I will wait and meet the babies a little later. You guys need the time with your mom and the girls and your family. Hope all goes well and will keep you in my prayers for the days and weeks ahead. See you at school when you get back. God is keeping you guys surrounded with His love. Miss you - Jan

Susan said...

i have been following along but not always commenting. the transformation in these girls is just proof of God at work. they look so happy and joy filled!!! I'm so glad the embassy appt was a breeze-after all the deserve something easy!
It has been a joy to follow your journey and I know the girls are going to adjust beautifully!!!

Antoinette and Joseph said...

Have a safe return home! Thank you for sharing your beautiful journey.... Faith and Grace are just gorgeous and very lucky.
Antoinette, Joe and Noah (Uralsk 2010)

Friends and Family said...

I was looking at the clock at 7:30 when i read that you were going to be home at 7:34 and I got so excited!!! Reading your journey through all of this process has been moving and so very God Driven! I love you guys and wish you all the best with your new babies! Jessica Wilson

Jessica and Chris said...

I am just getting caught up. So sorry...been birthing a baby, feeding, changing diapers, trying to sleep, blah, blah, blah..... :) I cried looking at all your pictures on facebook from the homecoming. I am so stinkin excited for you guys. I love you and know that I have been thinking tons about you guys and praying for you all. I will email you soon. Get plenty of rest and enjoy your babies :) Love you, Jessica

Tamara's Mommy said...

OH my how beautiful they are. Congratulations on the adoption of your two wonderful little girls Grace and Faith. It truly is a miracle how we manage to find our children. Every one of them perfect in their own way and perfect for their forever families.
Take your time (we did the same thing) but I'm really looking forward to the updates. lol. Take lots and lots of pictures and videos. These will be some of your most precious days. There is no such thing as too many pictures of our children. ;o)
Enjoy the bonding process. You won't believe how much your love will grow. Just when you think you've arrived you'll realize you will love them even more tomorrow. It's awesome!!! Enjoy!!! Enjoy!!!

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