Thursday, January 29, 2009

From the mouth of Brooklyn!!! :-)

The bell rings... and we're off (the bell being the one at school.. signing the end of the school day!)... We run to the daycare, grab Brooklyn from her classroom, buckle her in and we're off again... She quickly asks... "Mom, Are we late?" I laugh and respond, "yes, baby, you're with Mama, we're always late!" (which btw, I HATE about myself! urg!) So, we travel about 5 miles south of town and go swiftly past our dirt road turn off and I hear Brook again... "Mama, where are we going?" I laugh and tell her we are going to the Lincoln County Courthouse to the county assessors office! I don't hear anything for another few miles... then she says, "Mama, where are we going?" I tell her again... this time she says, "Why Mama, what we do there?" I laugh and say... "Well baby we have to get the County Assessor to fill out a paper to send in for our adoption." Then Bailey says, (thanks for her big sister 7 (almost 8) year old insight), "Brook, you know for our brothers.. the adoption!" "Oh" Brook says. Another few minutes and Brook says, "Mama, don't you think my bubbas have enough papers yet?"
Out of the mouth of babes!!!!

I about died laughing... and said oh Brookie... if you only knew!?!?

Dinner conversation was just as entertaining... the girls quickly begin telling their Daddy about their days and Brook tells him all stressed acting about the papers and then states matter of factly.. that if her brothers will ever get here she's going to share her blankies!!! Just like Why in the world are they not coming here NOW... she's tired of waiting and she's said she'll share!!!
It was so funny!!
The girls are very excited about the adoption, but often don't understand why it's taking so long.. we've just used this whole process as an incredible tool to teach them about Jesus.. obeying God and the promises in his word!!!

Phil and I are so blessed...


Becki Stone said...

Too cute!!! I love it! Maddye says just about every single day "I wonder what Maverick will look like" and "I can't wait till he gets here" sometimes I forget that she's just as excited as we are! :)

Lori said...

"Don't they have enough papers yet?" Priceless!

Corinne said...

True entertainment from a four year old ! Very cute!

Jill (& Bob) said...

Such a cute story -- glad the girls are so excited about their brothers! We're hoping and praying they hurry home too!

Leigh said...

Thanks for leaving me a I'll look forward to following your journey!

I know the waiting is difficult, with each sheet of paper, but your girls are already bonding with their brothers. I am thankful for how our 2 year process helped my boy develop into a great big brother! Best Wishes!

Jessica and Chris said...

Way too funny! I love it. That is the best thing I have ever heard! Boy, she knows about all those papers she keeps seeing you get - she has it all figured out! We need to catch up soon!

And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name, welcomes me!” Matt 18:5

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