Monday, September 22, 2008

One year.....

Well, for weeks I've been waiting for these last few days and they are here.... it was one year yesterday that our adoption journey began... God spoke to my heart while attending a Joyce Meyer's Women's Convention in St. Louis, MO.... who would have known? I remember getting ready for the conference and being really excited for the weekend away.... hoping and praying that I would come home really encouraged and lifted up in the Lord... wow!!! little did I know my entire life as I'd known it was FOREVER going to change.... as I think back over that weekend in St. Louis... it's amazing how God worked all the details out... My sister-in-law was so determined we were going to attend, and in the beginning I tried to even talk her out of going, but God had a plan... (little did I know!)
If you haven't read the story about how this journey began.. I have it all typed out on a link on our website..

It's an amazing story.. and even as I think back over the last year and all the amazing ways God has shown us his will, I am still humbled by the entire thing! I still wonder why o why God chose our family... but, I know that whom God calls he equips... It's amazing how easy it is when you just make yourself truly and completely available to God.... he will do the hard stuff!!!

I really am not a SUPER spiritual amazing person... we aren't some super spiritually awesome family... we are honestly a very common, normal family who is attempting to serve God with everything within them.... and sometimes we fall short... but, you know what... God is there and he picks us up, dusts us off, and heads us back on track! I am so thankful for my Lord and Savior... I honestly know that there is NO way I could handle the emotional roller coaster of this adoption journey without my Lord.... I challenge any of you who might read my blog that don't know my Jesus to reach out to him... he's waiting and he wants a relationship with you.... lean on him during this journey... lean on him through whatever you are going through... he will NEVER leave you or forsake you!!! His word says it and it's so!

I really can't believe it's been a year since God spoke to my heart... wow... there has been $17,000 in fundraisers, numerous lives touched, our own lives totally transformed in amazing ways, and God's glory seen day after day... what an incredible 365 days!!!
I also feel like we've been on this journey for years.... it feels we've been waiting forever... and we thought for sure we'd be home with our child / children by this one year anniversary! God knows the timing in all things (including this!) and we are standing firm in his word for that...
I have to say it's just amazing that one year ago yesterday our lives COMPLETELY and TOTALLY changed forever... and if it hadn't been for that day... 365 days ago... we wouldn't even be where we are in life today... thank you Jesus for allowing our family to be apart of this awesome plan....
I also want all the PAP's out there who might read our blog or anyone that reads our blog to know that we are praying for you...

Here's praying for another amazing 365 days... I can't wait to see what's happening in our world and yours in 2009.

All my love,


Baby Kaz Moore said...

Hi, I saw your post and it brought back good memories for me. On May 4, 2007 I started my adoption journey by calling an agency for information. One year later on May 1, 2008, I placed my new son in his crib. Tears of happiness...and exhaustion, too...came. I, too, can appreciate the difference a year can make. I wish your family the best and look forward to cheering you along on the journey. Susan from Austin

Joby and Marla said...

I know it can be so discouraging to not be where you think you should be in the process but you are where you are suppose to be in the process.
I have so much joy in my heart right now & I haven't even met my boy but I know where he lives & it has made all the difference in the world to my heart.
You have a great attitude!!!
I was in a bad way last month & now I feel so ashamed for all the doubt that I allowed to work on me.
God is soooo faithful just let him carry all the doubts & you won't have any regrets!!!!

Susan said...

Lanetta, what a wonderful wonderful post. Oh my goodness, if I had hours and hours and room to take up your entire comment section, i could share all the "God" things that happened with us on our journey to Leeza Grace. We officially started our process last May, and arrived in Kostanai 15 months later. I got so many signs that we were on the right track, especially when i was full of fear and doubt about the age limit changing (my husband is 52) and our agency closing, among many other things. We got here, met the perfect child for us, and our agency did close 2 days later, but we have the best in country team we could have ever dreamed of.
God really does bless adoptions, and the wait and uncertainy is very hard, but if you keep the faith and rely on God, you will soon come to understand his perfect timing. I've always been a person of faith, but the past 2 years have been nothing short of amazing. :)

I love your heart and am so excited to follow your journey to your son, or sons!

i love love love your heart. :)
Being here will touch your heart forever and forever change's been amazing. My son also will never be the same either. He loved it here and the kids gave him such an incredible gift, as he did to them.
(sorry, there I go , writing the novel i said i would not write)

Stephanie and Gary said...

Hi Lanetta -- thanks so much for making me laugh at your comment on my blog (about the lady three rows down.) I often remind myself that we would NOT have been given the dream without the ability to achieve it. Here's looking at a great 2009 for all of us! A long time ago, I felt so far away from this -- it all loomed large ahead of me. and tonight I completed the final piece of my homestudy. The dossier collection should go smoothly from now. Good luck to you!

Jessica and Chris said...

Hey girl.
you know i reflect often on our entire journey (you know i do it daily!) and i think about how things could have been different and how i wish we had not been doing this so long. but then i know that God planned this. you and i would have never met if our journey did not begin the way it did. i am so very very thankful that you are in my life and i truly believe that God lead us to our friendship. I love ya!

Chris and Tricia said...

Thanks for all of your prayers and we are praying for you all, too. I also felt a calling to adopt and I cannot tell you all of the ways that we have been blessed through our journey. The love and changes that have been brought into our lives and that have also touched the lives of others, even people we do not know. It truly feels like the work of God. He definitely sent us angels when we were in Kaz. And he sent us home with one, too :) Hoping that you keep meeting your angels on the way to your child/children.


Corinne said...

Thank you for a gentle reminder.I know God has wonderful plans and blessings for your family.Exited to wait to see them unfold.

Shane, Greta, Seth and Gage Owens said...

I emailed you....did you get it?

Butch and Tracy said...

Hey... your post was great too!

I am so excited that you have been able to raise so much of the money you need for your adoption. It is great how God takes care of all the needs when we rely on him and people listen to the gentle nudging on their hearts.


McMary said...

What a great post. Thanks for sharing your great spirit. God knows why we are where we are and we need to believe and follow.
I know there are great things in store for your family.

And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name, welcomes me!” Matt 18:5

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