Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I-171H Form

I had to quickly post that our new I-171H form has been processed and approved and we have a PDF copy... paper copy is in the mail!!
(For you non-adoption readers.. this is the approval that you must have to get through immigration with your child(ren).... it's a HUGE deal.    Ours expired on Feb. 15th. :( )

Thank You Lord for a sweet supervisor at the NBC office (Immigration)!   

It is looking like we'll be heading to pick up Faith and Grace on Feb. 25th... that's ONE week from Friday!!!  ONLY 10 days away!!!!   WAHOO!!

The agency is confirming with Svetlana that the their passports will be ready and then it's book tickets and get our babies FOREVER!!!

We are so excited!   
It's so hard to think of them.. and wonder what they are thinking.   Are they thinking we are never coming back?   Are the caregivers telling them that we are?   Who knows....
However, I do know this... Our Jesus is holding them in his hand!
A DEAR friend had a dream this past Sat. night and he was in the orphange rocking and praying with the girls.   Phil and I both BAWLED and knew it was the Lord confirming to us once again that even though it's hard and we can hardly stand it... HE'S taking care of them! 

Thank you Lord for ALL of it! 
We are in awe of you!!!    We are forever changed for your glory.... and thank you for this journey!


Jessica and Chris said...

Its so close now! Yay for the nice people at immigration! That was super super fast!

Friends and Family said...

Wow, suddenly it is almost here - and yet finally, too. Hard to believe. Time both compresses and spreads out during these heightened, amazing experiences. Cannot wait til your girls are home with you FOREVER! Thinking of you all.

Jennifer Robinson and family

Friends and Family said...

There are times when I say to Cody . . . "I Love You around the world and back." Now you can say that to Faith and Grace and it be literally. Truly Amazing! Thank you for allowing us to journey with you in this blog.
Keith, Christy, Cody
Continuing Praying . . .

Amy, Jeff, LM, & Ashton said...

s=o very excited to check in and hear all this news -- really exciting..
1 week from now you will be with them. and there will be no going back for them.. ever. so happy for you all!

Friends and Family said...

I have chills just thinking about your reunion with the girls and then taking them out of the baby house forever!!!!! I'm overwhelmed with emotion for you,Phil and all four girls!!!! Savor every moment on this trip. God speed and God Bless!
Lisa Dunbar

And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name, welcomes me!” Matt 18:5

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