Sunday, February 20, 2011

Delayed yet again... and we met and Spang Family!!

We found out last Thursday evening that we are for sure NOT leaving this Friday (Feb. 25th) to pick up Faith and Grace.   

Svetlana does not have the passports yet.   She is supposed to receive them 'soon'... they estimate we can go and pick them up 7 days later...  (this would mean we leave on March 4th... one week later)...  7 days longer....  
However, they have not confirmed that this is FOR sure.. and have not allowed us to make definite plans, purchase tickets, etc... :(

We continue to wait... trust God and watch him move!
I will be honest and tell you that it was SUCH a disappointment.     We were very sad... as you can imagine.   If we get to go on March 4th... it will have been 6 1/2 weeks since we left them...  :(
The last time we saw them was Jan. 21st.    That's a LONG time if you are 3 1/2.   

However, we both KNOW that God has a plan that we do not see or know of... He has not forsaken us and we will bring those babies home in and on his EXACT time table... NOT Lanetta's!  ;)  

Just another opportunity for us to trust him and watch him come shining through once again!    We have a choice to trust him.... or moan and complain and feel sorry for ourselves...

Big sigh...  
It is tough.. but, before we know it they will be home forever!

All the scriptures and songs and passages that the Lord has given us over the past 3 1/2 years all apply here today.

It has been truly amazing how God has continued to provide for this journey!   We have been blown away by God's plan!!    Things are most definitely falling into place and for that we are SO humbled and thankful!   God has such an amazing plan... so much better than we can EVER dream up.   Wow!   We are SO amazed by our Lord!   

The donations of clothing and toys just keep coming... INCREDIBLE!   We are not sure how we're going to get it all there.... but, WE WILL!!!     We've even had some folks donate money to help us with luggage fees and overages!    INCREDIBLE!!!
We have been blessed and blessed and blessed... NEVER in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine this...   God is SO very faithful!  
If he's tugging at your heart strings today... don't fret or worry or question.   Take a HUGE step forward!!!  BE BRAVE and do what he's calling you to do...   HE does NOT expect you to figure it all out.  He has a plan and it's far better than anything you've ever thought of before!  

We spent a great day on Saturday with Bailey and Brooklyn.    We went to dinner (had a family DATE), a movie and did a little shopping.   We went looking for a double stroller and some items for Faith and Grace.   The girls are SO excited and involved in every aspect of picking things for their sisters.    They can hardly stand the continuing to wait and argue about who's going to do what with who!   PURE sweetness!  :)
Faith and Grace are going to be overwhelmed with LOVE... :)     Awe... makes my heart smile!     I have NO doubt that those 4 girls are going to instantly bond!  :)
I can hardly wait to see it all happening...   ;)

While out on our family date/day... We had the honor of meeting the Spang family!     Jill and I have followed each others blogs for years (3 years to be exact) and feel like we know each other SO well.  They were in Oklahoma visiting some friends and we were able to meet them!   This was the first 'blog' friends we've meet in real life and let me tell you it was awesome! 
If you follow their blog you'll understand... Sarah and Will are just as cute in person as in the pictures!   We enjoyed meeting and visiting with Bob, Jill, Sarah and Will SO much!    Spang Family you are such a blessing to us!!     We are honored to finally meet in 'real' life and honored to call you friends!  :)

As frustrating as it was... My camera batteries were dead! URG! However, Bob took the following pics for us!

From left to right:  Brooklyn, Sarah, Bailey and Will :)  
Bailey and Will - Bay was/is quite the babysitter!  Will is such a DOLL!  Smiles nonstop and is such a flirt and charmer! PRECIOUS!

It was great to meet Jill in real life!  

Brook and Sarah!   Sarah is such a CUTIE as well!   Brook LOVED chasing her and babysitting her!  ;)  ha ha!!    Sarah weighs EXACTLY what Faith and Grace weigh, so Brook was thrilled to be able to pick her up!


Kelly and Sne said...

Sorry to hear about the delay. Of course you have been through the ringer already... but this was the most frustrating part for me as we waited 9 long weeks to return for our daughter and even left before the passports were ready. Hope that it is only 7 days and that you are soon on your way back to Kaz to bring those girls home!

Kim said...

You know passport delays are normal over there. I know that doesn't help cause you want to go get them now but you will soon! I can't wait to see pics of you busting them out of the babyhouse forever. It is the BEST feeling ever!

Friends and Family said...

Continued prayers, prayers, prayers . . . for everything and everyone and perfect timings.
Christy M.

And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name, welcomes me!” Matt 18:5

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