Monday, September 28, 2009

Dossier submitted to the region of..........


I am in shock that I am getting to write this post... My head has been spinning all day and my insides rolling.... wow!
Yes, I knew it would happen... cause I had NO doubt that God was/is in control, but after 2 years of waiting, waiting, waiting, heartache, and waiting.... you begin to wonder if it really will.... does that make sense?
I think that due to this waiting, we have just had to go on with life... and attempt to not let the "what ifs" consume our lives... Yes, it has been difficult to not think about this adoption nonstop, everyday and every second of our lives... but, you have to find a happy place of rest and peace in knowing that the Lord does have all things under control and in his perfect timing all things will come to pass... (humm... I think that might be a scripture! :))

It is incredible to know that we are going to be traveling to the region of Pavlodar... and that we are ONE... (ONE) step away from traveling.... wow!!!!
It's very mind boggling to think about... I remember thinking we'd NEVER clear the consulate.... and now we are submitted to a region.
We are only waiting on our LOI... (Letter of Invitation) to travel... I remember on my timeline on the side of the blog that there were always so many steps still ahead of us.... and tonight I can happily put today's date beside ONE more... incredible!!!

As I was putting the girls in bed tonight we talked about the adoption... as they've heard us talking today about our dossier... and Bay KNOWS that this was the last step before traveling.... They were so excited!!! Brook says... can you go get them NOW Mama... please! We are tired of waiting on them!!! aaahhh... so precious! I asked them what they were looking forward to the most.. and Bay immediately says... well the airport... I can't wait for Nana to bring us to the airport and knowing that you and Daddy and Bubbas(that's what we call them... LOL.. yep, okies through and through.. ha ha!)... are on that plane and we will see them... I'm going to make signs and have balloons, etc... She just starts rambling on and on and on.. and before I know it.. I'm bawling... I've shared before how the airport pics always get me... I can not imagine the emotions that I will be feeling KNOWING that we have our family together in the same spot for the first time.... wow! Makes me cry to write it....

LOL... I have such a mental list of things I have to get DONE now.... Poor Phil...
Long list of stuff to do... that we've put off... and off.. and off.. we've delayed moving the girls into the same room, cause I didn't want the boy room decorated and just sitting there.... as a constant reminder of who wasn't home yet... I didn't want to decorate it "to" early... but, I think it's time to get it all done....

Well... I could ramble on for hours tonight.. but, I will stop for now..

I did want to let everyone know what an outstanding day we had at the Old Settlers day celebration... we made (PROFIT) about $950.00 with our concession / bake sale! God is so good!!!

The cookbooks are here... if you'd like to order one or several.. just send me a e-mail, leave me a comment or call me... I will post more about these soon...

Garage sale upcoming as well... Oct 9-10... Accepting donations NOW... The fellowship hall at the church is already busting at the seams with donations.... WOW!! God is SO good.. it's amazing!!!

Here are some pictures from Sat...

Some of our AWESOME Help.... We are so blessed!! A special thanks to Rob, Lori, Janet, Josh, Adrienne, my Mom (Nana :)), Justin, and many others who baked items and donated them.... Thank you so very much!!

Rob and Phil were doing a GREAT job serving up the BBQ.... Don't you love their gloves!? :) I should have gotten them some hair nets as well.. hee hee hee....

Here is our massive table of baked goods.... I once again felt led to NOT price any of the baked goods and let people make a donation of ANY amount.... God always comes through! People are always SHOCKED and amazed that there are NO set prices... and give so unselfishly!!!

Brooklyn sampling a breakfast biscuit... we had to make sure the items were good... :)

Bailey - our #1 advertiser! I can't tell you how many people came up to the stand and said... OK where is Bay? She told me all about this and asked me to please come.... to help you get her brothers! Awesome!!! :)

Please say a prayer for us, our finances, the entire situation, and our child(ren) in PAVLODAR, Kazakhstan!
Don't forget... this blog is going PRIVATE soon... Oct 1st... if you haven't let me know you want an invite.... time is winding down!! :)


ethan said...

please send me an e vite! i can't wait to follow along on your journey as a fellow adoptive mom from kaz. my e mail address is

Jill (& Bob) said...

So, so, so excited for you all...and thinking of how cold it just might be in Kaz when you travel. I'll look and see if we ever prepared for that possibility (I know we were thinking winter travel could happen). Maybe I can pass stuff along! Congrats again!!!!

Stephanie and Gary said...

congratulations Lanetta!! This is amazing news!!!!!!!!! I have goosebumps of excitement for you! Yes, please keep me on your private list so i can follow your journey!

Jenkins Family said...

Definately time to get that room decorated! The caregivers and the judge really liked seeing where Keira would live, so I was glad I had her room done. It was interesting because she was in the "bird" room (how they label them) in the orphanage and I had done her room with birds.

Other prep stuff-
get everything you can on autopay

fill out what you can on your visa app and be sure you have your phots ready (the day you get the LOI you are in no mental state to do it)

CHRISTMAS shopping! With your timing, you could well be on the schedule we were. We found out region second week of Oct. and ended up traveling Thanksgiving day-Christmas Eve. I had to have everything done before we left. I actually bought Amazon prime membership and finished up last bits of shopping from a coffee shop in kazakhstan.

Pick a travel agent

Travel shots (ouch!)

the prep can feel overwhelming (I went to the doc with heart palpitations from stress) but SO SO worth it! I can't believe its already been a year since I was in your shoes.

Kara said...

Lanetta--I said a loud "YES!" when I read your entry--the people in my office think I've lost my mind, and of course I'm not going to admit that I'm reading your blog during work hours! :) CONGRATS!!! --Kara

Kristen said...

I would love to follwo the rest of your journey. my email adsress is


Mommy to Annika, waiting for one more

Rayna said...

YES!!!!! that is awesome news!!!!! so exciting! :) i think i gave you my email for an invite, but just in case...

Jennifer M said...

Oh wow Lanetta! I am in tears just reading this whole blog post. What amazing woman you are! But first of all:
Woo hooey!!!! You're going to Pavlodar!! Doing the happy dance for you!

The Settlers day looked amazing! You have such great girls. I am just amazed and inspired by your tenacity, and the joy you always project, even when times are tough. What an awesome event. I'm glad it was so successful!

Yippy!! Congratulations again! :-)

aultfamily said...

EXCELLENT! This is so amazing and a true testament of God's blessing and reward for those who are faithful.

This is all so exciting. Start checking things off that list of yours, it all happens so fast from here on out! :)


Starr said...

Love the pics!!!! Send me an invite:

Amanda said...

Congratulations thats great news, we just got our LOI we are going to Semey, we would love an invite to your blog to be able to follow this amazing journey, who knows maybe our paths may cross on route to Kaz

Kim said...

Wow Lanetta, this is awesome! God is SO GOOD! I can't wait for you to get there!!!!

I am also so impressed with the great fundraising you have been able to do! Your family is a true testament to what happens when you listen to God and trust in him completely!

Paul and Sydney said...

Congratulations! I would love an invite if you still have enough spots. I don't know if you are limited to 100 or something like that. But if you have a spot email me at I check on your blog from time to time, but would love to read about your travel and meeting your son(s). I was an AWAA Oklahoma family that was in the Kaz program if you remember me. We are progressing in our Ethiopia adoption, and so happy to see you are progressing in yours. God is leading us to our children. How exciting! We hope to travel maybe by Dec. or Jan. Do they give you an idea how long this last hurdle will be? Hope it is fast, but know as I told someone yesterday talking about our adoption, That God won't bring our children home any early or later than He has planned. I pray that God will continue to give you peace and patience as you prepare to travel. God Bless you family. I was so sorry to read about your daughter but am so glad to see she is feeling better.
Blessings, Sydney Gore

Brad and Stacy said...

How exciting! Can't wait to follow the rest of your journey! My email address is

Georgia said...

I follow your blog through Jill and Bob's blog. I would love an invite to continue following, Please!
My name is Georgia Lee and my email


Sara said...

Lanetta!!! I am so excited to read this. It is such a wonderful feeling to KNOW where your child(ren) are waiting for you. And to know that you will be traveling SOON.
Just thrilled to the core for you. Wonderful news.
And maybe, just maybe, we'll overlap in Kaz? I have to look on a map to see where Pavlador is. Maybe we'll cross in Almaty!

Good luck with the rummage sale this weekend. I am amazed and incredibly impressed by your persistent fundraising.
And seriously, your girls are ADORABLE!

Jessica and Chris said...

Yahooooooo you go Gobbles!!!!!! Oh I mean Hokies!!!!!!
Pavlodar here they come :)

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

SO excited for you guys!!! We were submitted on Monday too!!!! :)

Stephanie and Gary said...

thank you! Sorry about forgetting the important info

StephUSA at gmail

thank you!

PS your music playlist is beautiful!

Heckert's Highway said...

This is so wonderful and exciting Lanetta!!!! I'm so happy for your family and can't wait to follow the last step of your journey to get your little man/men:O) I'll be praying for you!
God Bless,

Susan said...

thank you for the invite! and is the time your patience and unwavering faith will be rewarded. :) I'm so thrilled for your family! I still get teary eyed in my own home when I see how much Sean loves his sister and how she IDOLIZES him. Each night I have to thank him for being such an amazing big brother. :) You will have many more tear filled moments...i am so happy for you!! :)

qmiller said...

What wonderful news! Congrats and I look forward to the next months of postings!!! : )

Michelle Riggs said...

Praise God!! I am so excited for you all.

I will be praying!Please thank your girls for praying for my daughter.

Friends and Family said...

YEAH!! I am so happy for you guys, I am crying tears of joy!! I cannot wait to see the boys. Let me know as soon as you guys have some dates, because I AM taking off, and coming back when you are supposed to get back!! Love you guys and miss ya tons!! (Maybe we will be back there soon anyways) :) LOVE YA!!

Butch and Tracy said...

I am so happy for you... What a long and winding road this has been for your family. But what a blessing now to know where your boy/s is/are. You can point to a map and say, our boys are waiting here... WOW... how awesome is that.

The airport welcome is SUCH and emotional time. Coming home with the child/ren you are jet lagged, your emotions are already a wreck, and then you see your family waiting. Be prepared to lose it! I did.... As soon as I saw my kids standing at the end of the hall. I looked at mom and said the tears are coming... and bam... there they were.

I will continue to keep you in my prayers. You are almost there. You all have been so faithful. I am so glad that you had your church and family to support you. Adoption is very hard to do with out the support.

Friends and Family said...

Wow . . . it's just around the corner! So many emotions - we love all of you guys! Continued prayer . . . .

Michelle Riggs said...

Oh man, we were at a friends home a few weeks ago, that is very close to your home.

We would love to meet you guys if you ever come near our home.

Dean and Janie said...

Hi Lanetta,
Congratulatins on getting your region assignment and for such a good bake sale. I know you are busy this weekend with your next event. I do pray God blesses you guys with the finances you need to tie this thing up. Your girls and those around you are getting an excellent example of a true legacy of "pressing forward".
So thankful for you.

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