Sunday, August 15, 2010

Expired LOI...

well.. the date that we "knew" we'd travel by has came and gone..
I thought yesterday would be a hard day for me.. but, honestly I didn't realize or even think of the 'date' until today.. Thank you Lord for allowing me to not realize it on the day!

It is hard though... knowing that it's expired..
The agency says the new one is coming soon... we'll see! In the mean time... we'll just wait and Praise our Jesus! :)

We are trying with EVERYTHING within us to stay positive, enjoy the girls and get ready to go.... :)

We trust you Lord... we TRUST you!


Friends and Family said...

I don't know why things happen, and for the life of me, I can't see the silver lining of this. But Lanetta, I know your strength and faith are what have brought you so far. I do know that your strength is a testament to everyone around you. We are all blessed by supporting you. Maybe we'll all get through this together....
Kathy (Constien) Boshart

lisa said...

I am sorry sorry...I know how frustrating it is...then you get all the horrible rumors!! It's too much some days! Hang in there! Lisa

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