Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bottle Cap Necklaces - A sister's fundraiser!!!

Hello to everyone tonight... I just wanted to post and share with all of you the amazing fundraiser that Bailey is doing... She is making and selling Bottle cap necklaces as a fundraiser to help us get her brother(s) home... She received one of these necklaces as a gift over and year ago and decided that she wanted to do something to help raise money for the adoption... and asked if she could make these necklaces and see if any of her friends might want to buy one... :)

She counted her money tonight... and as of tonight alone she has over $175.00 from these necklaces. She has WAY more than that in orders and they are turning out SO cute!! Phil, Bailey, and I have an assembly line and can make them VERY quickly now.. :)

We will custom make them anyway you want them... We have everything from OU, OSU, to personalized with your initial (leopard print, zebra print, black and pink flowers, brown and pink strips and polka dots).. There are many choices and they are all made with jewels and lots of love and care!!! YES, these are of course REAL diamonds!! :) She is asking for a donation of $5.00 per necklace and we'll pay shipping to get them to you!! :)

Anyone wanna help a little girl get her brother(s) home forever???

Here are some pictures so you have an idea... They attach to the washer with a magnet. If you are not interested in a necklace.. you can use them as a pin as well.. just place the magnet under your clothes and the bottle cap will stay in place!!!

Phil and I have joked that Bailey is making more money with her fundraiser than we've made with some of ours.. LOL!! Who can tell a 9 year old, no!?!

Have a GREAT night!! oh.. and one more thing.. we received our confirmation visa number... Oh my stars... we have paperwork to redo and TONS of stuff to get ready...
In fact tonight.. Phil looked at me and grinned and says, "Hang in there Babe.. we are in the home stretch!!" Are we really? To hear him say that was amazing.. no idea why.. but, we are exhausted!!! Please keep praying for us.. I know all of you are.

Here are some pictures of the necklaces!!


lisa said...

I should have commented earlier but from one artist to another...these are gorgeous! Very artfully placed. Good job!


Dean and Janie said...

Yes the necklaces are beautiful! Well Done!
Congratulations on the Visa Confirmation Number (whatever that is :) ) Does everyone have "tons of stuff to redo" at that point?
God Bless you and your family Lanetta!
And by the way, I'm really surprised you are just now "exhausted". It has been a long "race"/"good fight" for you all. Here's to a second wind for the last leg! Love Janie

Jessica and Chris said...

Hey! We will take two Kaz necklaces!! I love them! We have some things to send so I will try to do that in the next few days and just put me down for those and I will send the money with the other stuff. Yipeee for the visa number!

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