Saturday, October 17, 2009

Can anyone say FUNDRAISERS?!?!

Below is a portion of e-mail update I sent out tonight:

Donations for yard sale last weekend totaled WELL over $2,000.00... and we were able to bless a couple of families who we know needed items... we were so humbled as we continue to watch God provide for all his children... :) those who needed items for their family at the yard sale, us, and our child(ren) in Pavlodar, Kazakhstan!!! God is SO good!!!
Thanks to everyone who helped in anyway possible... from items donated to helping us set-up, tear down and clean up... I posted some pics on the blog if anyone is interested...

We have several fundraisers happening RIGHT now!!! PLEASE consider helping us with one of the following...

Premier Designs Jewelry Party/Fundraiser - - - -
We have catalogs and are currently doing a fundraiser with an awesome company and jeweler... SPECIALS: Buy 3 items at regular price and get 4th item 1/2 off...
She will mail catalogs ANYWHERE... if you would like to receive a catalog, PLEASE let me know your address and we'll send one to you soon!! PLEASE consider looking and maybe even purchasing... what a GREAT Christmas present, while helping there be one (or 2) less orphans in the world!!! If anyone is willing to take a catalog to work and show family and friends, that would be SO great!!! Please just let me know!!!
ALL SALES ARE DUE ON NOV. 6th... We are closing out the party on Nov. 6th.

1/2 Pork/Hog ~ Completely Processed GIVE - A - WAY!!!
We had a wonderful family bless us with 1/2 a hog for a give - a- way drawing. For a $1.00 donation you can enter to win 1/2 a pork... (yummy!)... For a $5.00 donation you can enter 7 times!! What a deal!!
The drawing will be on Nov. 16th... You do not need to be present to win... and if you'd like to make a donation to win... just let me know!! Also, if you are willing to take a book of tickets to help us out.. that would be GREAT as well!! Please let me know if you can help with this!!

COOKBOOKS are here!!

We have 220 MORE cookbooks... Wonderful adoption keepsakes and we will ship these ANYWHERE.... $10.00 each... I've had SO many people tell me how pleased they are with theirs... if you'd like to order more or help us sell these, please let me know... and if you've contacted me stating you are interested this time around... please let me know once again.. and we'll work out details!!! I've had several people tell me they are going to give these as Christmas Presents... I think that is an amazing gift... It is truly a collection of favorites... and a keepsake for years to come!!

Recycling Fundraiser ONGOING...

We are still recycling cartridges, lap tops, and cell phones.

Yard SALE - Date pending....

We are going to have one more yard sale before winter totally hits.. As always if you have items you'd like to donate, please let me know... We can pick them up or arrange a time to get them from you... Thanks so much!
I think that is about it... I know that some of you are probably REALLY tired of hearing about fundraisers and if you are... I am so sorry... I would be happy to stop sending these e-mails to anyone who doesn't want to continue to receive them... please just let me know..

I just want to say thanks for the love and support... we still have a few thousand dollars to go :) however, at this point God has blessed us thousands of dollars... we are so thankful and know that God will and is continuing to Bless... We are standing firm on his word and frantically attempting to get ready to welcome our child(ren) home... Lots of projects we need/want to get completed...
Please continue to pray for us, our children, this process, and the finances!
Many blessings to all of you tonight.. and know you are loved by us!!!

Have a Blessed and Wonderful Day,
Phil, Lanetta, Bay, and Brook
(and our kid(s) waiting on us in Pavlodar, Kazakhstan!!!)

Here are some pictures from the last yard sale last weekend... whew... it sure is tiring, but we'd do about ANYTHING to be obedient to our Lord.. and for our child(ren)!!!

OK.. I tried 3 times to upload those pics... I give up.. they will come later.. maybe!


kristen said...

Hi Lanetta - I am so excited for you all!! You are getting so close!!

I went to a Premiere Jewelry show tonight - but didn't buy anthing so I could buy it from you all. I have a catalog from tonight - so I don't need one - and I'll see if I might be able to get any sales from people at work. No promises there, but I know I'll order something! I love Premiere jewelry.

I can't wait to continue to hear your news - you are getting so close to your boy(s). (Have they given any clue as to whether there are one or two children available to you all at this point?)

GLad our other fundraisers are also going well. Hope this one does too for you all!

Love ya,

aultfamily said...

Keep on keepin' on! So many great ideas on raising funds. Good luck!

Michelle Riggs said...

Thank you so much for praying for Abby. You have wonderful children.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name, welcomes me!” Matt 18:5

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