Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dossier is back at the consulate!

OK... so where to really start.. humm...

Good news is that all the redos and updates were completed, overnighted to the agency, re translated and the new and hopefully "perfect" dossier was hand delivered back to the official at the consulate on Friday.

I have to say that this is awesome news... it really is.. but, in the midst of this awesome news... I can't help tcompare our wait and time at the consulate to others... I mean honestly.. who can't?! LOTS of families dossiers have been submitted to the consulate, approved, and sent on to Kaz. all since we've been waiting.... is this frustrating? YES!!! Sometimes to the point to exhaustion, and honestly I have to make myself not compare time lines... am I the only one out there who struggles with this?

ok... having shared all of that.. I have to also share that we've seen God move and touch lives in about 2 or 3 situations all totally linked to our dossier still being at the consulate... and the steps involved in the past few weeks... so, we KNOW that it is still part of God's plan.. We know that God's timing is indeed perfect and that our child(ren) will come home in that perfect plan/time.

Does that make this easy? NO! Does that make it feel fair? NO... does it sometimes make me want to SCREAM... YES!!! Regardless of all the delays, set backs and redos we've endured... we KNOW that God has a plan.. and we cling to that promise!

We are hoping and praying that we will hear that our dossier has been approved and is on it's way to Kaz. (or already there) soon!

I have LOTS of pics to share of happenings with the girls... I will try to get some of those posted soon...
Have a great week..


Vonda said...

Lanetta, I'm very happy to hear your file is making progress! Your frustrations ARE valid when you're so ready to love those children. It's great that you're still giving God the glory though, even through the unfairness of it all. Hope you receive even more great news soon!

Jill (& Bob) said...

We're hoping and praying your dossier gets to Kaz soon too!!!!

Michelle and Jeff said...

Hang in there! As our wait time increased I always took hope that we wouldn't have to wait as long at the next step. God is just preparing your little one for you!

Adoptive Parent said...


It WILL happen! I know this does not make the wait any easier and less painful, but remember HE is in control. Often times it doesn't make sense to us in our human flesh, but HE has his ways to make HIS plans happen. We're humbly finding this out along the way too. :)

We continue to pray for your family - including your son(s).


Becki Stone said...

I am praying for that dossier to move fast through the consulate, and get to Kaz!!! Hang in there!!!!

Scott and Paula said...

Hi Lanetta!
I can appreciate you frustration totally! Last year this time, we were going through the exact same thing! The translator wasn't translating dossiers in "first in, first out" and several families jumped ahead of us. Grr! Again this happened at the Embassy, then the guy went of vacation for 2 weeks! I thought I was going to lose my mind!
But in the end, all of those delays were for a reason. Had we traveled any earlier than we did, we never would have met our daughter. We kept getting delayed because she wasn't ready for us! And to show that she was the one for us, she shares her birthday with my grandmother. Back in April she turned 1 and my grandmother turned 94. What a wonderful day that was!
If you want to talk more (or vent, or just need a sympathetic ear), send me an e-mail:
Take Care!
Paula (mama to Cecelia)

kristen said...

awesome news lanetta!! i can't wait to hear the NEXT step God has up his sleeve. :) you're getting closer and closer and closer to your new child(ren). how exciting!!

Susan said...

the waiting and delays are very hard....but when yo meet your son, you will see why and you will not change a thing. Believe me, we went thru many of the same things you are thinking now...but we would not have Leeza had we gone any sooner-and I would defintely not change that. She's my daughter thru and thru. :)

Warm thoughts and prayers for you guys...and lots of patience and trust in the big plan...cuz you KONW there is one. :)

Dean and Janie said...

Hi Lanetta,
I look forward to seeing pics of your girls. Praying for you daily! So glad things are finally worked out with your dossier at the embassy. Janie

Kim said...

Um no, it does not make it easier to wait knowing that God is in control. I am a very impatient person and handing that part of life of to God has been hard for me. BUT we are living proof that God is DEFINITELY in control and is handpicking your son for you. I know it!

Jessica and Chris said...

You have so much patience and God has given this to you. It will come in the right time. He is waiting for the right timing for your boys. We love you guys - Hokies!!!
J & C

Corinne said...

It WILL happen. Your patience and endurance is a lesson for all of us.

Baby Kaz Moore said...

Just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking of you. It's hard to understand and explain the delays, but only to hope that it's all in His plans. Please do always remember that you're not alone in your journey. There are a lot of us pulling for you. Susan

Kari J said...

I am trying to get back in the loop and caught up on my favorite blogs. I have been thinking about you and sending you hugs and happy thoughts. I know you will get there and I can't wait to follow when you do! His will be done! It will happen at the perfect time.

Monica said...

waiting really is hard... our timeline is probably the closest to yours of any others I have seen recently. It's hard to stay optimistic and maintain the same level of excitement everyday month after month. I feel like this journey is really taking a toll on me but you just have to plug along and trust that it's this way for *some* reason. Hang in there... hoping NOW you make some quick catch-up progress! :)

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